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Engaging Parents as Partners in Their Children's Education

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Take the Parent Pledge

I want what is BEST for my child and I want my child to succeed in school and in life. By participating in the 100 program, I am taking the first step in being a truly ENGAGED parent.


I pledge to:


-take personal RESPONSIBILITY for my child’s education.


-SHOW my child that I value education by encouraging positive attitudes about school.


-ENCOURAGE my child to dream big and always give 100 percent effort.


-MONITOR my child’s academic growth and stay as engaged as possible in my child’s education.  


-INVEST less than $2 per day in my child's education by enrolling him/her in the 100 program.


I hereby give my pledge of COMMITMENT to help my child achieve a truly independent future.


My child will GRADUATE from high school and will understand the importance of a strong education in determining future success.

If you would like to enroll your student in the Club 100 program, please submit the member registration form by clicking below.  We look forward to having you and your child participate in this exclusive academic club!

This is my pledge!

Program Features for Club 100

*Local Monthly Meetups

*Online Guided Math or ACT Tutoring

*Community Service Rewards Program


Program Features for Club 100 Plus

*All of the above

*Course in Coding (Grades 3-5) or Web Design (Grades 6-11)

(class meets once per week for 60 minutes)


Program Features for Parents (Basic and Plus)

*EngageTXT Parent Reminder System

*Private Facebook Group

*Parent Ambassador Council


Registration Fee - $39

Monthly Club 100 Membership Fee - $49

Monthly Club 100 Plus Membership Fee - $109